KOKAE® - Our Story

KOKAE® - Our Story

We are so glad you found your way to KOKAE®!

Our story started back in 2016 as a passion for health and beauty. Inspired by one thought: feeling good in our skin. Despite good nutrition and exercise, there were some body problem areas that we wanted to improve and so we created our first product duo the KOKAE® Cold and Hot Gels.

Over time, our knowledge has expanded, we have evolved and listened more to the needs of our customers. Our team has grown and together with our biochemists and nutritionists we have launched our first supplement line in 2018. 

Nowadays, many of us are not getting all the vitamins and minerals through our diet and we need an extra nutrient boost. That’s where the KOKAE® supplements come in — providing your body with the support it needs to stay healthy.

We are passionate about creating the best products and always providing you with the best quality in order to motivate you to develop your strengths, overcome your weaknesses and create the best version of you. For this reason we create this blog, to share our knowledge about health, beauty, nutrition and inspire you to become the best version of you!

If you have any questions about our products, suggestions or do you want individual coaching then please get in touch via our contacts section or email info@kokaebylux.com

Be sure to come back and visit us soon!

The KOKAE Team

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